My Weekly Retrospectives

Week of 2022-08-29

This Week, In Brief



Goal Grades

Kubernetes Developer Platform: It can create clusters in management control planes and workload clusters through ClusterAPI and non-ClusterAPI managed providers

Most of this week was spent preparing for our first customer-facing demo. This meant getting Kubernetes Developer Platform to a good enough point to demonstrate that it can create something through CI.

The good news is that the KDP Provisioner can provision Control Centers, and it uses KDP Providers to do so! The unit and e2e’s work beautifully.

The bad news is that the (thoroughly tested) KDP components didn’t work when the Legos were assembled. Since creating Control Centers and Platforms through CI is, like, at least 80% of the value of using KDP, this really had to work.

Thus, I spent most of my week getting the KDP pipeline working well enough to provision Control Centers with the KDP manifest. Kept running into edge cases that I didn’t do a good enough job thinking through during design, like:

TL;DR: The demo went well enough, but implementing Platform provisioning did not happen. Good enough for a C in my book!

Kubernetes Developer Platform: It can provision shared services onto management control planes

Kubernetes Developer Platform: Packages for Prometheus and Grafana exist

Other Thoughts

Learning Docker…happening soon!

I’m excited to put the script together next week! Balancing this with KDP will be a challenge, but I’m super pumped to put this course together, and it looks like it’ll be recorded live in Carp!

Interrupts gonna interrupt

As it happens, I had a thick, but small, ganglion cyst in my wrist that needed to get removed. Okay, it didn’t need to get removed, but the MRI I had done a few weeks ago confirmed that the pressure in my wrist while typing was being caused by this, and removing it wasn’t going to be very invasive.

Unfortunately, it was invasive enough to put me out of service for a day. The lidocaine numbed my wrist…and my middle finger, which I try to not use often, but made typing really, really difficult.

This happening during our first demo week along with the pipeline bullshit above was slightly demoralizing. I wished that I had someone with me that could have helped me double-check my work during design.

Oh well.