My Weekly Retrospectives

Week of 2022-10-17

This Week, In Brief

Make the Kubernetes Developer Platform a little safer, and make knowledge about Docker a little more accessible to the world.



Goal Grades

LinkedIn Learning: Record Learning Docker!

Kubernetes Developer Platform: Add at least three helper tests per day (12 total)

Kubernetes Developer Platform: Add at least three function docs per day (12 total)

More Stuff

Visual Studio Code has decent support for Bash!

I didn’t know that if you write a “docstring” for a function within Bash, VSCode will show it when you hover over it. I also didn’t know that VSCode supports “Go To Definition” for Bash functions.

All the more proof that Bash can make okay software if you are patient enough!

(I would have still preferred to use Golang for this.)

Need to focus better

I got wrapped up in some other career stuff and preparing for my LinkedIn Learning course recording session next week. This was an easy goal, though. I should have hit it and feel a little bad that I didn’t.