My Weekly Retrospectives

Week of 2022-10-31

This Week, In Brief

Get started on my Docker 102 course, and get back on the saddle by making Kubernetes Developer Platform capable of installing and configuring shared services.



Goal Grades

Docker 102: Write Chapter 0 and write first two chapters of Chapter 1.

KDP: It can install and configure shared services.

KDP: Clusters provisioned by KDP can access those shared services.

More Stuff

tfw you start running but get stuck because your heart rate monitor isn’t working

…or how my previously-working end-to-end tests decided to stop working the minute I really begin working on KDP again. It’s annoying.

Besides that, it was difficult to get back into the groove of things. Lots of travel, and some other work took away the laser focus I had on shipping KDP.

On one hand, this is a good thing. I was working a lot to get it to the point it’s at now. I’m happy with where we are.

On the other hand, I’m unhappy that we’re stuck here. I feel like we should have been further along but couldn’t get there due to basically people constraints.

This made getting stuck by my end-to-end tests frustrating. I was focused on adding this new feature that I’m hoping to demo but spent most of the day fighting my test suite. Everytime this happens, I want to give up test-driven development, but then quickly remember that if it weren’t for this, we would just be testing even more unknowns in production.

I hate testing

But I know I need to do it.

Fixing failing tests completely derailed me from getting shared services deployed.

I spent the first two days fixing tests that broke that I didn’t know were broken. I spent 0.5 days finally getting kubeconfigs from clusters into management cluster state…but then spent the rest of the week trying to get their end-to-end tests passing.

Spending all of my time trying to get this over the finish line derailed me from writing that second chapter.

I’m feeling the need to hermit so I can get this done, and that’s a bad place to be.